Los Angeles Commercial Product Photography Studio

A recognized leader in eCommerce product photography and commercial lifestyle imagery, F-Sequence Studio brings over two decades of professional photography experience to each project. F-Sequence goes beyond the limitations of standard product photography on white studios and crafts a uniquely stunning image stack for your Amazon listing, your website, print materials and more.

Our images are unsurpassed in both quality and creativity, resulting in higher conversion rates and stronger branding. F-Sequence Studio’s commercial photography work is routinely featured in magazine advertisements, websites, Amazon listings and other publications worldwide.

eCommerce Product Photography on white

F-Sequence Studio is a recognized leader in product photography for Amazon and other eCommerce websites. When customers can’t pick up your item, hear it or see it work, they rely entirely on the visual representations that you provide. Therefore, image quality and context are among the most important decisions you will make for your online business. In an online marketplace such as Amazon or Ebay, where dozens of similar products compete, high quality product photos increase conversion rates by increasing consumer confidence.

Each product is carefully photographed at our studio, utilizing professional lighting and techniques acquired from two decades of practical commercial photography experience. Each product photo is then lightly edited to correct color, ensure a pure white background and sized for easy upload to your Amazon, Shopify or website listing.

F-Sequence Studio works alongside dozens of leading eCommerce sellers each year to create stunning product photography for Amazon listings, company websites, and other forms of advertising, such as print or broadcast.

Our years of experience in commercial photography have allowed us to create a streamlined process with easy to understand, flat rate pricing for product photography on white.

Simply ship your products to our Los Angeles studio, where they are photographed to your specifications. Once complete, we upload your high resolution product photos to an online viewing gallery, where they may be download to your hard drive and uploaded right to your website or Amazon listing.

Our studio has completed thousands of product photography projects for clients around the world since 1998, but remains small business friendly, with generous image licensing and multiple add on services.

Commercial Lifestyle & Advertising

Lifestyle or ‘action’ shots enhance your eCommerce listings by showing your products in use.
Most importantly, lifestyle images for Amazon and eCommerce websites highlights your goods in an eye catching manner, therefore building brand awareness.

Seeing a demonstration of how your product fits or functions raises consumer confidence, increasing your online sales. For instance, seeing clothing product photography on a model helps your customers to visualize how your products will look in person. Most importantly, lifestyle product photos build brand awareness. F-Sequence Studio works alongside your team to create lifestyle images that improve your eCommerce and Amazon listings.