Product photography and so much more

F-Sequence is a commercial photography studio in Los Angeles, specializing in eCommerce product photography and lifestyle images for platforms such as Amazon, Shopify and Etsy.

A commercial photography studio you can trust

Firstly, we bring over two decades of professional experience and  a combination of expertise and creative eye. We have completed thousands of successful eCommerce photography projects for clients around the world.

Additionally, F-Sequence offers more than just product photography on white. For example, we add value to your eCommerce listings with engaging lifestyle photos showing your products in use.

Images that stand out from competitors

Moreover, our images are unsurpassed in both quality and creativity. This is important because having excellent product photos results in higher conversion rates and stronger branding. F-Sequence delivers the level of professionalism and quality that you expect from a commercial photography studio.

Each year, our work is featured in hundreds of Amazon listings, websites, magazines and other publications worldwide.

Lifestyle images for your eCommerce listings

Our studio goes above and beyond the limitations of standard product photography studios and offers customized lifestyle images of your product in action with live models, or in a styled setting with props. Lifestyle eCommerce images create a strong purchasing signal for your customers, as they are able to see how your product works and how your product will fit in their homes and lives.

Each session can be customized to fit your budget and needs.

Taking the next step

In conclusion, F-Sequence Studio is a trusted name in product photography and eCommerce. Place your product photography on white order directly on our convenient online order form. Or if you require a customized estimate for lifestyle photography or your unique project, use our contact form to get in touch.




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