Amazon product photography service

Amazon product photography is the deciding factor in a consumer’s mind when making a purchase. In a marketplace with dozens or even hundreds of merchants selling similar products, you only have seconds to make a conversion with impactful, high context imagery. A modest improvement in image quality or context may result in dramatically increased conversions and higher visibility on Amazon.

Amazon sellers with the best product photos and the most contextual lifestyle images are perceived as being the ‘leading product’ or the ‘original’, which has the benefit of raising conversion rates. When consumers cannot see or hold your product in person, it’s critical to visually answer questions such as “how large is this product”, “what colors are offered” and “how will this fit into my life”.

F-Sequence Studio is a Los Angeles based company offering product photography for Amazon listings at the most competitive rates, with unmatchable image quality.  We are one of the leading studios in the nation and work alongside dozens of top Amazon sellers each year to create image stacks that stand out and raise conversions.  Our firm commitment is to provide you with the best image quality possible, in order to raise consumer confidence in your company. Many of our clients have even achieved best seller status in their respective categories.

Investing wisely in an Amazon product photography service leads to quicker returns on your investment and facilitates growth of your eCommerce business.  Our images are impeccably clean and shot by renowned product photographer Deacon Tyler, whose advertising work has been featured in hundreds of department stores, publications and websites worldwide since 1998.

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Easy to understand pricing per image

Pricing for Amazon product photography service is accessible and easy to understand.  Projects are charged by the total number of images you order, with progressively larger quantity based discounts for larger orders.  Order only as many or as few images as you need, with no minimum or maximum product photography order.

Each Amazon product photography order includes minor retouching (color correction, dust removal, etc), generous image licensing that includes both web and print usage and 600 dpi high resolution .jpg digital files at no additional charge.

All images adhere to Amazon image standards and are delivered in 3000 x 3000 pixel size, with a pure white (#ffffff) background and the product filling up more than 85% of available space.

Your images will arrive to you in a private gallery, where they may be viewed online and downloaded in high resolution to your Mac or PC.  Product photos are ready to upload to your Amazon listing.

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Choosing F-Sequence Studio for your Amazon product photography company

Our work stands out among other product photography studios as being cleaner, with improved lighting and context.  We do not treat product photography as a commodity, where all products are placed on the same table, lit the same, angled the same and ultimately look the same.

It’s important that your product photos stand out among competitors, rather than just copying the same angles and concepts over and over again.  Each each project that we photograph is individually lit and styled for unique results.  It’s one of the reasons why F-Sequence Studio is one of the leading Amazon product photography studios in the nation.

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Commercial lifestyle images

F-Sequence Studio goes beyond the limitations of commodity product photography companies and provides images of your products being used in a real world setting.  From clothing lookbook images, or action shots with live models, your Amazon listings are enhanced with magazine quality advertising images.

Commercial lifestyle photos help a consumer see how your product fits into their lives and answers additional questions such as “how does it work”, “how is it assembled” or “how does it look while worn”.  Answering these questions visually leads to higher conversions, with fewer returns and less time spent answering questions.

Unlike product photography, product lifestyle images are billed at a custom per diem rate.  After placing your order for product images on white, please use the Contact Form to provide us with a full description of your project, in order to receive the most accurate estimate.

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Generous Image Licensing and Protection

Once your product images are complete, we upload them to an online gallery where they may be instantly downloaded in high resolution (3000 x 3000 pixels, 300 dpi, white #ffffff background) jpeg format and immediately used in your Amazon listing.  All Amazon product photography meets Amazon photo guidelines.

We provide each client with a generous and exclusive image usage license that allows you the freedom to immediately use your Amazon product photos in your listing, eCommerce website and even print advertisements, without any fees, royalties or additional licensing required.