You can, but we strongly recommend against blind drop shipping your products to us.

Product photography should always be a cherry picked perfect representation of your products. Often, products have minor manufacturer flaws and while these would not affect the enjoyment of a purchaser, they create a significant challenge for photography, as even minor scratches or flaws are very evident on camera. Many of our clients are Amazon or Shopify sellers looking to obtain product photography for Amazon listings or Shopify storefronts and a situation that we run into often is that Amazon FBA or another distribution center has placed cardboard packaged products in a small padded envelope and the packaging arrives crushed. While this wouldn’t be a problem for most consumers, as the packaging is the first thing to be discarded, it’s a fairly large issue when you’re hired to photograph the packaging.

While repairing boxes, packaging and slight cosmetic damage in Photoshop is certainly possible, there is a cost associated for doing so. Advanced retouching starts at $30 per photo and can almost always be avoided by taking the following steps:

  1. Always inspect your products by hand whenever possible. Look at them closely and check to make sure they’re operable and that there’s no tears / dents / scratches.
  2. Send us more than one product whenever possible, to reduce turnaround time. In the event that one is damaged in shipping, the other likely will not be. On the same token, if your product is to be photographed alone (standard product photography) and then also on a model, sending at least two samples ensures that we can schedule the modeled shoot immediately, rather than waiting until the standard product shots are complete.
  3. Pack your products well!
  4. Send us ‘flat’ versions of the packaging, without the products inside.