There are times where it isn’t feasible to move products or food from their location and bring them to our studio for photography. Depending on your products and as long as your location has adequate space, we can certainly bring our studio to you. For small products, we require an unobstructed space that is at least 15′ x 15′ to allow room to set up our product table, light stands and lighting. For food photography, we only require roughly 10′ x 10′, as our lighting and cameras are usually much closer to the food.

If your space is smaller, then there may not be adequate room for the light from our strobes to properly propagate.

We do not photograph jewelry on location, however. Professional jewelry photography is a very slow and painstaking process, involving a great deal of lighting adjustments and we cannot do our best work under a time or space constraint.

For larger products, please let us know how big your products are and the approximate size of the space we’ll be shooting in. We have backdrops that we can bring, as well as other equipment, provided the space is sufficient.

Our rates for location product or food photography is $2000 per day. In an eight hour day, we can usually photograph around 40-50 standard products on location. Setting up our product table, lighting and background takes approximately 1 hour and breaking our equipment down takes approximately 20 minutes.

For restaurant food photography, we strongly suggest shooting when your restaurant is closed. Light stands in traffic areas present a hazard for both your staff and your patrons and in general, it creates a spectacle.