The quick answer is “as much as possible”. Before sending out a contract, there’s a number of things we need to know:

  1. The exact number of shots you’re ordering
  2. Description of your product(s).
  3. How you would like them shot. Knowing the angles, the props, locations, etc is critical to ensuring that the photos we take will fit your vision.

Without that information, we execute our ‘best judgment’ for photos and creative direction. Granted, after hundreds of clients and hundreds of shoots, our instincts are very good, but there’s always a chance that a product will either be photographed incorrectly or the results may not fit what you had in mind.

<h3>What if I’m not sure how I’d like my products photographed? Can’t you figure that out for me?”</h3>

Absolutely! We offer creative director services starting at $500. We draw up a complete shot plan for your product based on research into your competitors’ advertising, your budget and our experience.