F-Sequence Studio offers lucrative quantity based discounts on larger product photography orders, but as a general rule we do not offer additional discounts, as it would not be fair to our other clients. When building a long term relationship with a new client, the first project always sets the stage for successive projects. The value for potential future work does not exist until we have completed at least one project and should never be used as a bargaining chip to negotiate a lower rate.

If the first project goes well and has great communication, then the next project likely will as well. If the first project is steeply discounted, then the next project will probably have to be discounted as well. We then end up charging all of our clients different amounts, which doesn’t seem very fair to our other clients, especially considering that many of them have been with us for years.

We receive this question often, but there is just no compelling reason to charge a new client a lower rate than our long term clients. If, after several shoots, you discovered that we were performing the same service to a brand new client for a lower rate, you would be understandably upset.

By charging the same quantity based rates and offering the same great service to all of our clients, it ensures consistency and fairness with all of our clients.

Besides, you can always take advantage of our quantity based discounts by placing a larger product photography order!