Whether your headshots are for acting, modeling or professional career headshots, the tips I have are fairly universal.

  • Be on time! Your headshot sessions starts and ends at its scheduled time, whether you’re here or not. There is a good chance that I have an other shoot right after yours or right before yours, so please understand this and plan your route. Unfortunately I cannot offer refunds based on ‘traffic’.
  • Be ready! headshot sessions have a set amount of time alotted. Doing your makeup or prepping clothes consumes that alotted time, so unless you’ve opted to add makeup artistry, please come ready to shoot.
  • Know the part you want. If you’re an actor, you may think that you should try for every part, every concept, every genre. While anything is possible, most of the time, a headshot session will have 1-3 ‘looks’. Know the parts you’d like to have and prepare for them
  • Practice your expressions in a mirror. The more I ‘pose’ you, the more stiff and unnatural your shots are going to look. Posing and expressions take practice and while I as a photographer are here to help out in that regard, 80% of the work is done by the subject. Practice going from serious to smiling and shift your body to find your best angels. Your first headshot session is almost never as good as your tenth, so please keep that in mind and forgive yourself.