In general, our turnaround time for white background product photography orders consisting of less than 100 shots is around seven days. It’s always in our best interest to complete projects as soon as possible, to avoid our studio shelves filling up with orders.

If your project has staged lifestyle shots, this is likely going to be a few days longer, as we’ll need to first clear out our queue of white background product shots in order to begin staging and styling for lifestyle photography. For efficiency, we try to schedule as many lifestyle shoots for the same day as we can, as many of them have similar requirements.

If your shoot requires a model, we need to align our schedules with that of a model or models, as well as our makeup artist / stylist, which may increase turnaround time by a few days as well.

While it’s not always possible to provide an accurate turnaround time for complex lifestyle projects ahead of time, once we receive your products, we will usually have a better idea of our current workload and can pass that information along to you.

If quicker turnaround time is needed, we offer 3 day rush processing (white background projects only) for an additional 25%.