I cannot stress enough to bring a few extra options, even for 1-2 look headshot sessions. An outfit can play well in front of the mirror, but lack something on camera, or you may end up simply changing your mind once you see the images.

Headshots are all about showing your capability as an actor / model, or representing your services, company or brand. Having options can avoid costly reshoots or dissatisfaction with the finished product.

  • Clothes: Your extra clothes should be on hangars or loosely folded to prevent wrinkles and creasing. Headshot sessions do not include time for steaming and ironing.
    • Colors and styles – There are so many schools of thought on this that I can say that almost anything can work for the right circumstances, but make sure that you look matches the vibe of your headshot session. For instance, hot pink might not work for an actor seeking dramatic roles and baggy olive drabs may not work for a teenage model. Shirts with logos rarely ever work for anyone, etc. When in doubt, you’re welcome to drop a line to my contact page and I’d be happy to chime in.
    • Shoes: You would think that shoes wouldn’t matter for a headshot session, but I’ve photographed a number of people who have insisted on wearing high heeled shoes to a ‘head and shoulders’ headshot session because it made them look ‘taller’. Nobody can tell how tall you are in a headshot!
    • Outerwear and other accessories: A ‘trick’ to get more variety for a single look headshot session is to have a piece of outerwear and an accessory. This can be a pair of glasses and a scarf, a scarf and a jacket, jacket and tie, etc. Taking off or putting on an accessory still counts as just one ‘look’ and can create a dramatically different feel with almost no effort.