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Commercial Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is a broad genre and means many different things, depending on who you ask. From action shots of products being used in real world settings, to hero shots of still life images, these are all considered to be lifestyle images and are billed at the same rate.

The following are specific examples of commercial lifestyle photos:

  • Lookbook images of clothing, accessories, jewelry, and cosmetics
  • Gadgets being used on the go
  • Dishes on a table in a home or restaurant
  • Fitness products being used by an athlete
  • Beauty and spa products placed in a pastoral setting
  • Products arranged on a table

Other common terms for Commercial lifestyle photography include: action shots, advertising images, campaign photos or hero shots.

Do I need lifestyle photography images of my product?

Commercial lifestyle photography showcases any number of your product’s benefits: how easy it is to use, its convenient size, or how much better life is for people who purchase it. The white background photos that are the required standard on most e-commerce sites provide a clean and close-up look at your product, but they don’t convey why someone should buy it. Commercial lifestyle photography sends a powerful message about the benefits of your product.

How much does Commercial lifestyle photos cost?

Commercial lifestyle photography is highly individualized. Some lifestyle photography sessions require special preparations such as styling a kitchen; others require models, makeup artists, a set or special location, or other extra costs. Commercial lifestyle photography is billed at a standard day rate for the photographer and final photos, plus whatever extras may be needed. Your personalized estimate will reflect these itemizations.

Lifestyle images differ from e-commerce product photography, which has a uniform look (product only, white background), no props and very little styling. E-commerce product images are priced by the number of final photos produced.

How do I request an estimate for lifestyle photos?

It’s imperative to have an idea of how many image you need and what you need in those images. Commercial lifestyle photo shoots are billed by the day and we ensure that our time is utilized efficiently, by developing creative direction in advance. If you know how many images are needed, we can estimate the time it will take to create those images. Our day rate includes licensing for the requested number of images.

Knowing how long the photographer will need to get the number of shots you want will allow us to appropriately estimate production costs. These include models, makeup artists, locations and permit fees.

What if I don’t know what kind of Commercial lifestyle photography shots I want?

Clothing needs to look chic, toys need to look fun, drinks need to look refreshing, and so on. You know your product, you know its benefits, and you know what kind of image you want to convey for your company. Think of these things together, and it’s likely that the “kind” of lifestyle images that will be effective will pop right into your head. F-Sequence Studio has completed hundreds of projects and are here to help. We are happy to share ideas to aid in the creative process.

We invite you to look through our portfolios for inspiration, and to see just how effective these photos are in generating excitement for a product.