What is lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography can be defined as product photography that includes a ‘live’ model, a ‘live’ environment, or is ‘styled’ with props and accessories. Other common terms for Commercial lifestyle photography include: action shots, advertising images, campaign photos or hero shots. The following are just a few specific examples of commercial lifestyle photos:

  • Products being worn or in use by a model

  • Gadgets being used on the go

  • Dishes on a table in a home or restaurant

  • Fitness products being used by an athlete

  • Beauty and spa products placed in a pastoral setting

  • Products arranged on a table

Do I need lifestyle photos?

Commercial lifestyle photography sends a powerful message about the benefits of your product. Demonstrating your products in use or in a natural environment can have a dramatic effect on sales conversions. Commercial lifestyle photography showcases any number of your product’s benefits: how easy it is to use, its convenient size, or how it fits into a consumer’s life.

Most of the leading Amazon sellers have well rounded image stacks for their products, with excellent lifestyle images complementing crisp looking product photos.

Lifestyle photography makes a wonderful addition to your company’s website, social media and Amazon listing. When a consumer cannot see your product in person, or hold it in their hands, lifestyle photography provides them with a sense of scale, dimension and function. Therefore, adding commercial lifestyle photography to your existing product photos increases confidence in your product and in your brand.

Commercial lifestyle photography pricing

Commercial lifestyle photography is highly individualized. Some lifestyle photography sessions require special preparations such as styling a kitchen; others require models, makeup artists, a set or special location, or other extra costs. Commercial lifestyle photography is billed at a day rate for the photographer and final photos, plus whatever extras may be needed. Your personalized estimate will reflect these itemizations.

It’s important to have a clear idea of how many image your project requires and what you need in those images. Because commercial lifestyle photo shoots are billed by the day, we ensure that our time is utilized efficiently, by developing creative direction in advance. If you know how many images are needed, we can estimate the time it will take to create those images. Our day rate includes licensing for the requested number of images.

Knowing how long the photographer will need to get the number of shots you want will allow us to appropriately estimate production costs. These include models, makeup artists, locations and permit fees.

What if I don’t know what kind of Commercial lifestyle photography shots I want?
Clothing needs to look chic, toys need to look fun, drinks need to look refreshing, and so on. You know your product, you know its benefits, and you know what kind of image you want to convey for your company. Think of these things together, and it’s likely that the “kind” of lifestyle images that will be effective will pop right into your head. F-Sequence Studio has completed thousands of projects since 1998 and are here to help. We are happy to share ideas to aid in the creative process.

We invite you to look through our portfolios for inspiration, and to see just how effective these photos are in generating excitement for a product.

More than just product photography on white

F-Sequence Studio is one of a very select number of commercial photography studios in the country that can offer both high quality product photography and commercial lifestyle images. Our client list includes hundreds of Amazon sellers and eCommerce sellers, as well as household names. Our work is seen in nearly every department store in the country and our work is consistently clean and high quality.

Therefore, F-Sequence Studio differs from traditional product photography companies, who are limited to offering just product photography on white. Principle photographer Deacon Tyler brings over 20 years of experience as a commercial photographer and creative director to every project and our studio employs two dedicated stylists/assistants, who ensure that every project delivers our best work yet.

Our studio is a unique and beautiful 2300 square foot luxury space, with standing sets and cutting edge equipment. Click here to view more images of our studio, or use our contact form here to discuss your project via email and request a detailed estimate.