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Please use the contact form on this page to request a detailed proposal for your commercial photography project. If you are looking to order standard product photography images only, please use our online order form here. If you experience any difficulty with the online order form, or have a question prior to placing your order, please use this contact form to reach out.

F-Sequence Studio is located in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District and is available for consultation or product drop off/pick up by appointment only.

If you’re in need of a complex quote (models, lifestyle photography, etc), use this contact form and include as much detail as possible, which allows us to save time exchanging emails and draft a more accurate and well thought out proposal. The more information you provide us with, the easier it will be to provide you with an accurate estimate.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Product photography on a white background may be ordered via our convenient online order form at We look forward to seeing your order!

Please note that it is important to have all of the details about your products and your project in order to provide you with an accurate estimate.  Take your time and write a shoot brief detailing what your products are and a list of 'core deliverable' images, or if you have a premade briefing, you may upload it below.  

Important details include location (e.g. outdoors, in a kitchen, bedroom, etc).  Knowing the location in advance allows us to include incidentals such as prop styling or location permits in our estimate, or make recommendations as to whether a location permit is necessary.  A shoot brief doesn't have to be incredibly long and doesn't take any experience to write; we just need a good idea of what we are quoting for, so that our estimate can be as accurate as possible.

While it may be convenient to have a phone consultation or a meeting at our studio, we must still have some sort of idea about your project ahead of time, in order to ensure that we understand your needs and the meeting is productive.

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    Please not that while F-Sequence Studio is not a modeling agency and does not employ 'in house' models, we are happy to aid you in enhancing your project with the addition of a live model.

    Models may be added to your project via three methods:

    1) You are always welcome to cast a model on your own 

    2) We are happy to recommend some excellent local agencies for your project. The benefit of casting a model through an agency is that it allows you to view each model's portfolio and vital statistics and then coordinate directly with the casting agency.

    3) If price is a consideration, we are happy to post a casting call and select a freelance (non agency) model for you.  Please make sure to be very detailed in your model specifications.  If age, ethnicity or specific physical attributes are important, please make sure to indicate that in writing.

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