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Food Photography

Los Angeles photographer Deacon Tyler specializes in food photography for publications such as cookbooks or magazines, eCommerce and restaurants. Professional food photography has a dramatic effect on appetite and appeal to your brand or restaurant and greatly influences consumers in making a purchasing or dining decision. F-Sequence Studio works with restaurants, food and spirits magazines and cookbook authors in Los Angeles and abroad. Our specialty is capturing delicious plated dishes with mouth-watering clarity and color.

Cookbook Photography

Photography for cookbooks

Excellent food photography influences the decision to buy your cookbook. Our studio works with each client directly to develop cohesive art direction for your project, from beautiful close up shots to elegant sets with props and scenes and even photos of each preparation step. Our studio offers the services of a full time food stylist to ensure your recipes look as good as they taste. Food photographer Deacon Tyler’s work has been featured in dozens cookbooks, food magazines and food blogs.

Restaurant Photography

restaurant food photography

The food photography on your website and menu board is the first impression your customers will have with your food. Before your food has even been served, patrons have already passed judgment on flavor and texture. Professional food photography has been proven to increase appetite, anticipation and desire for your food. F-Sequence Studio creates a style and theme that fits you as a unique restaurant. Our images are captured in stunning clarity and unmatched vibrancy by Los Angeles food photographer Deacon Tyler.

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