Headshot photography for actors, professionals and models

I’m dedicated to capturing the authentic essence of our clients. A compelling headshot should be a window into the individual’s soul, providing a glimpse of the person behind the roles. While it’s essential to cater to the diverse roles in the acting and modeling world, it’s the subtle nuances of your personality that hint at your versatility. Every individual possesses a spectrum of emotions – from playful mischief to profound vulnerability. In the world of Los Angeles headshot photography, these subtle expressions can be transformative.

Rather than pigeonholing you into predefined roles or scenarios, our approach is organic and client-focused. We believe in creating an environment where you can naturally shine. The backdrop, lighting, and attire are chosen to complement, not overshadow. After all, casting directors in LA are keen on spotting unique essence, not just a well-styled ensemble.

The adage, “If your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt,” is a guiding principle for us. In our sessions, you’re the centerpiece, and our role is to capture without overshadowing.

However, understanding the dynamic demands of the Los Angeles entertainment industry, if there are specific looks or roles you aim to portray, we’re equipped to collaborate and achieve them. Transitioning from a “girl-next-door” to a “corporate professional” can be as simple as a change in hairstyle or attire. Overly theatrical poses can often detract, and rest assured, our Los Angeles studio avoids clichéd directions.

What to expect from your headshot session

Upon arrival at our studio, we’ll engage in a dialogue about your expectations and our professional headshot process. This dialogue is pivotal as it sets the tone. We’ll then proceed with test shots, collaboratively reviewing them to ensure alignment in vision. Throughout the session, we’ll alternate between shooting and reviewing, making adjustments as needed. Your satisfaction is paramount, so our process remains adaptable.

While the described approach is our standard, we’re open to tailoring the session based on your needs. Whether you’re an actor, model, or business professional, our goal is to ensure you leave with headshots that resonate with your identity and stand out in the competitive Los Angeles market.

Navigating Your Headshot Experience at F-Sequence Studio

Crafting An Authentic Look:

I prioritize flexibility with every look. Whether you’re envisioning a broad spectrum of sixteen styles or a focused duo, we’re here to collaborate. Bring along your preferred wardrobe, and together we’ll capture a diverse set of images.

My emphasis is on genuine representation, steering clear of clichéd roles. And if time allows, we’re open to experimenting with varied lighting and backdrop options.

Tailoring the Perfect Session:

Duration: I’m not a big clock watcher. Usually a ‘look’ takes anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour; every client is different and has different goals or comfort levels in front of the camera. I like to ensure that you’re at ease and unhurried. A relaxed pace often leads to more authentic images.

Portraits & Headshots: Portraits possess a unique essence, often taking the time equivalent to 2-3 standard looks. If you’re looking to do both portrait and headshot images, please consider this in advance.

Incorporating Makeup: For those considering professional makeup, plan for roughly 45-60 minutes dedicated to makeup application and touch-ups. We only offer light hair styling in studio (taming flyaways), so please make sure that your hair is clean, cut and styled when you come in for your session. Men’s grooming is quicker, focusing more on skin tone and quick hair adjustments. To align schedules with our in-house makeup expert, reach out to us directly.

Securing Your Session:

A commitment deposit of $100 books your session. (For details on our cancellation terms, please refer to the page’s end.)
During our time together, expect a range of 80-200 images for each style you’re targeting.
By the next evening, you’ll have online access to your shots for a thorough review.
After perusing your gallery, highlight your top images for professional retouching. Some selections might involve additional costs.

Your refined images will be ready for platforms like IMDb, Backstage, and Actors Access.