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Headshot & portrait photography pricing

In Studio Headshots

Portraits in Studio

Headshots or Portraits on Location

1 look included. A ‘look’ can include minor changes such as taking a jacket on or off, putting on a pair of glasses or changing expressions 1 hour session in our fully dressed studio. Unlimited backgrounds, outfit changes, concepts – the sky’s the limit! Location sessions can be anything you’d like, from groups of professionals at an office, to an actor’s headshots on location, modeling digitals
Headshots (closeup of head and shoulders/upper torso) only Unlimited combination of full length, half length, headshots, etc Unlimited combination of full length, half length, headshots, unlimited people, group shots, etc
$99 for each look $200 for a 1 hour session. $100 for each additional hour. Location portraits/headshots are highly customized sessions and as such, require full details in order to price an estimate.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Contact Us

Included with every session:

  • Consultation– A consultation via phone, text, Zoom, etc to discuss goals, concepts and to go over wardrobe options
  • Online viewing gallery– An online viewing gallery that you, your agent, peers, etc can view and decide at your leisure to order retouching
  • Light editing – Editing includes color and contract corrections
  • High-Resolution Images – All shots images delivered in minimum 3000px x 3000px resolution at 600dpi.

Optional Add-Ons

Makeup artistry

+ $99/women, + $49 men

Pricing is for ‘natural look’ makeup that you would find in a standard actor’s headshot. Makeup artistry is strongly recommended for both men and women to cover up minor blemishes and skin tone imbalances. Please note that ordering retouching will not replace the need for makeup artistry.


from $25/image

While each image in your gallery is lightly edited to correct color and contrast, ordering retouching takes things a step further and helps to ‘pop’ an image, with improved color, skin tone and subtle imperfection removal on selected images.


Can you take one or two full length shots during a headshot session?2022-11-06T01:35:52+00:00

Taking full length or even three quarters images during a headshot session are more than just another ‘look’, they require me to completely reconfigure the lighting and reflectors. For this reason, full length images are reserved for custom portrait sessions. Full length shots are great and I encourage them, but this would be reserved for portrait sessions, rather than a standard headshot session.

Will you upload every headshot to an online gallery?2022-11-06T01:36:01+00:00

Two things I can guarantee every headshot client: There will be good usable images and there will be absolute stinkers. Sneezes, out of focus shots, shots where the lights didn’t fire, weird expressions and nervousness. Those shots won’t make it to your gallery. The rest, the ‘potentials’ will be uploaded to a private gallery with only light editing to correct colors and contrast and you will have the option to order retouching on additional shots.

Can I see the headshots as you take them, or look at the back of your camera?2022-11-06T01:36:08+00:00

There are as many philosophies on this as there are headshot photographers it seems, but I will tell you a story: once upon a time, I was working with a model client that was doing a great job until she asked to see the back of my camera.

She saw an image that she didn’t care for and said ‘hmmmm’. The shoot went from calm and relaxed to nervous and tense, as she began asking to see the back of the camera every other shot.

Up until that point, the shoot went fantastic and she ended up loving the images (ironically, including the headshot she was initially disapproving of), The images after that were alright from a technical standpoint, but there was some lost magic. Where everything felt organic and natural before this, the expressions felt more forced after this and the poses were more intentional and stiff.

The moral of the story is: don’t psych yourself out. When you look at a headshot on a 3 inch camera LCD or even an unedited raw on a preview monitor, don’t judge the shoot by that one photo. Instead, trust me and just enjoy the shoot. We’ll go over the images afterwards and if you feel that they don’t quite hit the mark, we’ll take some additional images.

What shoes should I bring?2022-11-06T01:36:14+00:00

Your shoes won’t be seen unless you’re doing a portrait session with full length images, so bring along whatever shoes are comfortable. Comfort is key here, as you’ll be able to see your overall confidence, comfort and emotion in your headshots.

I’ve had a few clients choose to wear high heel shoes because it ‘sculpts’ them or makes them look taller, or changes their posture. It doesn’t, but if high heels somehow make you feel more confident, then go ahead and go for it!

Should I bring headwear?2022-11-06T01:36:21+00:00

In general, no. I’m sure there’s exceptions and it’s ultimately up to the client, but I have done entire headshot sessions where a client has worn some sort of hat and just continuously flips the brim or ‘models’ the hat with their hands and it comes out looking a little funny or forced.

What do I wear to my headshot session?2022-11-05T20:37:20+00:00

There’s some general advice to give, but I also want to stress that headshot sessions are a highly individualized shoot. For instance, if you’re an actor, you should walk in with a good idea of the types of roles you would like to get booked for. Leave little to chance, as you wouldn’t want to use cheery, happy photos with bright poppy backgrounds to submit for more serious, dramatic roles.

General advice

  • bring several outfits even if you’ve just booked one look. I am happy to give my opinion and it gives you more options to choose from, rather than a have a button fall off a single outfit
  • Bring your clothes look new and are neatly ironed/pressed and on hangers, in a garment bag, etc. I will not iron your clothes or wait for you to iron your clothes and I will not do a shoot where clothing is brought in garbage bags, rumpled into a purse, etc. As hard as it is to believe, all of this has happened to many times!
  • Bring layers. Putting on or taking off a jacket, glasses or tie is not considered an additional look and it’s a wonderful way to increase the variety of your shoot and switch up tones quickly! For ladies, maybe a jacket and scarf
  • Bring a variety of color options that fit the mood of the roles you’re vying for.
  • Have a rough idea of the type of background you’d like to have and dress accordingly. White backgrounds are great, but it can be fun to have a color to ‘lift’ the mood. Yellow or pink for fun, youthful appearances, dark charcoal grey for somber dramatic looks, etc

I’m highly collaborative. If you’re stuck and want to send me a few pictures of what you have, I’m happy to have a look and share my thoughts!

Navigating Your Headshot Experience at F-Sequence Studio

Crafting An Authentic Look:

I prioritize flexibility with every look. Whether you’re envisioning a broad spectrum of sixteen styles or a focused duo, we’re here to collaborate. Bring along your preferred wardrobe, and together we’ll capture a diverse set of images.

My emphasis is on genuine representation, steering clear of clichéd roles. And if time allows, we’re open to experimenting with varied lighting and backdrop options.

Tailoring the Perfect Session:

Duration: I’m not a big clock watcher. Usually a ‘look’ takes anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour; every client is different and has different goals or comfort levels in front of the camera. I like to ensure that you’re at ease and unhurried. A relaxed pace often leads to more authentic images.

Portraits & Headshots: Portraits possess a unique essence, often taking the time equivalent to 2-3 standard looks. If you’re looking to do both portrait and headshot images, please consider this in advance.

Incorporating Makeup: For those considering professional makeup, plan for roughly 45-60 minutes dedicated to makeup application and touch-ups. We only offer light hair styling in studio (taming flyaways), so please make sure that your hair is clean, cut and styled when you come in for your session. Men’s grooming is quicker, focusing more on skin tone and quick hair adjustments. To align schedules with our in-house makeup expert, reach out to us directly.

Securing Your Session:

A commitment deposit of $100 books your session. (For details on our cancellation terms, please refer to the page’s end.)
During our time together, expect a range of 80-200 images for each style you’re targeting.
By the next evening, you’ll have online access to your shots for a thorough review.
After perusing your gallery, highlight your top images for professional retouching. Some selections might involve additional costs.

Your refined images will be ready for platforms like IMDb, Backstage, and Actors Access.


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