eCommerce lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography steps beyond the boundaries of standard product shots on white. Our ability to enhance your listing with real world usage examples is what sets F-Sequence apart from standard product photography studios.

Seeing a demonstration of how your product fits or functions in a real setting raises consumer confidence, as a result increasing your online sales. For instance, seeing clothing product photography on a live model helps your customers to visualize how your products will look in person. Or seeing your housewares item in a styled home setting shows your customers how your product may look in their home. Most importantly, lifestyle photos of your product build brand awareness.

Product photography vs lifestyle photography

The official definition varies, but what we’ve found works best is to describe lifestyle photography as “any photography with a live model or a styled setting”. Lifestyle!

Your Amazon product listing, Shopify page, or eCommerce website is that your products are brought to life in a unique way. Instead of an entire image stack on a white background with no context, customers can now see how your product fits into their lives. They see how large the product is and how well it works with a live person or styled room. In short, lifestyle photography builds confidence in your brand and products in a way that white background images alone do not.

F-Sequence Studio works alongside your team to only create unique and original lifestyle images that improve your eCommerce and Amazon listings and adhere to Amazon image requirements.