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In a marketplace with hundreds of competing products, you only have seconds to make a conversion. As a result, high quality product photos for your Amazon or Shopify listing or for your eCommerce website is the most important consideration. It would seem that even a modest improvement in product photo quality or context may result in dramatically increased sales. Therefore, ordering product photography for Amazon or eCommerce websites is an excellent investment.

F-Sequence Studio is a recognized leader in product photography. We specialize in product photos for Amazon, eCommerce websites and print advertising. Because we are so well known, our studio works with clientele around the world to produce clean, vibrant images. Our pricing structure is easy to understand, with competitive rates as low as $9 per image.

Because we are a trusted leader with over 20 years of professional experience, we provide unparalleled image quality and service. Furthermore, our experience working with hundreds of Amazon sellers and eCommerce websites makes us one of the most in-demand product photography services. As a result, our work is prominently featured on websites, in store advertisements, magazines, catalogs, and online marketplaces.

How superior product photos increase conversions

When a consumer cannot hold your products or use them in person, your product photos are the only metric by which your products will be judged. As a result, your brand and company’s reputation hinges on the quality of your images. Most noteworthy, research shows that the quality of product photos is a major influence in online purchasing decisions. As a result, high-quality eCommerce and Amazon product photography makes even the most mundane product shine and converts inquiries into sales.

Product photography pricing

Product photography is charged according to the number of images needed, with generous quantity based discounts for larger orders. As a result, pricing for product photography orders are as low as $9 per photo, all shot by one of the leading commercial photography teams in the world.

Each product photography order includes minor retouching (color correction, dust removal, etc), generous image licensing that includes both web and print usage and 600 dpi high resolution .jpg digital files at no additional charge.

Please note that pricing only includes product photography on a white background. As such, pricing does not include models, lifestyle or props. Therefore, if your project requires lifestyle photography, please use the contact form at Most importantly, provide us with a full detailed shoot brief in order to receive an accurate estimate.

number of photos price per photo
single image: $50
2 to 9 images: $35 per image
10 to 19 images: $30 per image
20 to 99 images: $25 per image
100+ images: $19 per image

Included with every order

  • Pure White Background – Specified number of product images on pure white background, meets Amazon product image requirements.
  • Group Shots (up to 5 items) – Include multiple products or accessories or sets in one shot – up to five items per image. Group shots of six or more items also available.
  • Retouching – Every product photo is lightly retouched to remove minor blemishes (dust, small scratches) and adjust color and contrast as needed. Advanced retouching also available.
  • High-Resolution Images – All shots are delivered in 3000px x 3000px resolution at 600dpi, meeting Amazon photo listing standards.
  • Online Image Delivery – Your retouched, high-resolution images are uploaded to a viewing gallery for you to immediately download and start converting inquiries into eCommerce sales.
  • Quick Turnaround – Orders of up to 49 photos are typically delivered online within 7-10 business days of finalizing contract and receiving your products at our Los Angeles studio. Orders of 50+ photos may take a little longer. Rush delivery also available.
  • Commercial Web Licensing – Images are licensed for immediate use on your company’s website, Amazon and other ecommerce listings.

Optional add-ons

  • Oversized Images: + $20/image – Products (or groups of products) larger than 24” on any side require special handling.
  • Group Shots (6 or more items): + $20/image – Group shots of 6 or more items require additional set-up time and lighting considerations.
  • Advanced Retouching: personalized pricing – We ask that your products be delivered in photo-ready condition, but we can provide advanced retouching to repair deep scratches and scuffs or other imperfections.
  • Transparent Clipping Paths: + $10/image – We will make the backgrounds of your shots transparent, so your products can be shown against any background without the white around it. These images are delivered in a PNG or TIFF format
  • 3-Day Rush Delivery: + $20/image – (minimum order = 5 images) Your product photos will be shot, retouched, and delivered online within 3 days of finalizing your contract AND receiving your products at the studio. This option is subject to availability at our discretion.

Commercial Lifestyle and ‘Action Shots’

Bring your products to life and with commercial lifestyle photography! Enhance your standard Amazon product photography order with images of your merchandise in use, or settings that highlight their benefits. F-Sequence Studio offers a level of service that competing product photography companies cannot provide.

F-Sequence Studio is one of the leading commercial photography studios in Los Angeles. Every image we produce is an original creation and we have the resources and experience to cast live models or provide live environments to create incredible advertising images that will vastly increase your conversion rates.

Learn more about lifestyle photography for Amazon and request a custom package price with standard product photos on white and lifestyle photos together.

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Model product demonstrations

Demonstrating how your product works is often just as important as showing what your product looks like. Therefore, having a live model demonstrate your products can greatly increase sales. A main purpose of product photography is to visually answer as many questions as possible. Most importantly, this allows consumers to gain confidence and make informed purchasing decisions. Therefore, adding images demonstrating how a product fits, assembled or functions, consequently increases conversion rates and lowers return rates.

These images are used alongside standard eCommerce and Amazon product photography images to create a uniquely enhanced listing. Model demonstration images may be photographed on a seamless background for added emphasis on your product, or we can create environmental images either at our Los Angeles studio, or even outdoors. As a result, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Live model demonstrations are considered lifestyle photography and are charged according to a flat day or half day rate, rather than by the number of images.

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Clothing catalog photography

While F-Sequence Studio offers ‘flat’ clothing product photography for Amazon, print and web sites, clothing products always convert best when shown on a live model.

Displaying your clothing products on a live model, either on its own or alongside flat lay product images, provides consumers with a better idea of how your clothing fits, how it moves and how it pairs with other articles of clothing. Therefore, apparel product photography may dramatically improve conversion rates.

Clothing catalog images are usually simple, repeatable poses on a seamless background that create a uniform look across a product line and give consumers an idea of how your clothing look while worn.

Request an estimate today and indicate your exact needs, providing as much detail as possible.

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Your products will be photographed according to your specifications, so it’s important to provide us with a very clear description of how you would like them photographed.

The form also allows you to write out your creative direction, or upload example images that you can take with your smartphone, as well as creative direction in PDF or XLS format, or even a drawing.

Please note that this form is only for ordering product photos on white. If you run into any difficulties, or if you require lifestyle or action shots, please use the contact form here: to provide us with a detailed description of your needs and request a customized estimate for your project.

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