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Clothing eCommerce photography

Consistent quality, limitless styles

Whether you’re looking for flat lay, ghost mannequin, or fashion-on-model photography, trust us to provide quality shots tailored to your preferences.

Flat Lay – Flat lay product photography is typically shot on a white background, with either a natural (or exaggerated) ‘light ruffling’ of the material. Flat lay photography offers the lowest cost and quickest turnaround times. Flat lay clothing photography is wonderful for apparel products such as t-shirts, pants and sometimes even entire outfits.

Fashion-On-Model – The most prolific clothing photography choice, fashion-on-model is most versatile; it can be customized with limitless options and scales according to budget. Clothing may be photographed on a white background, and lifestyle images can be done indoor or outdoor. Fashion photography is the most popular option for clothing photography, as it’s the most effective. The largest department stores and the leading brands use live model photography almost exclusively for undergarments, swimwear and items such as athletic wear.

Ghost Mannequin – Ghost mannequin photography encapsulates the best of both worlds; it captures the clean, uncluttered look of flat lay photos with the context of seeing your clothing products on a human form. F-Sequence is an expert ghost mannequin studio, having photographed thousands of products on ghost mannequins. It is a perfect blend of accessible pricing with easy online ordering and sharp style. Ghost mannequin photos are especially popular for clothing products such as jackets, tops and dresses.