Fashion photography for eCommerce on live models

clothing fashion photography

Whether it’s indoor, outdoor, on white, lifestyle, half body, quarter body or full body, nothing shows off your clothing products better than a fashion photoshoot with live models.

Clothing always looks best when photographed on live models. Unlike the rigid poses of mannequins, live models are dynamic and add additional context. The supple nature of bodies helps to fill in clothing material and add context.

Look at the most successful ad campaigns, or view any of the top eCommerce clothing websites. Most of them use live models in their product photos instead of ghost mannequin or flat lay shots. This is because seeing your clothing products on a live model stimulates the ‘mirror neurons’ that encourage us to duplicate what we see. This, in turn, increases sales by making a stronger connection than standard product photography.

There are an infinite number of poses, angles or concepts that we can shoot. White background studio fashion photography for eCommerce or Amazon listing is most common, but outdoor fashion photography can greatly enhance your online advertising.

F-Sequence Studio is a fashion photography studio with over 20 years of experience casting models, networking with modeling agencies and providing top quality clothing photography with live models.

View our photo gallery below containing both in studio and outdoor fashion shoots. Use the button below to request a custom estimate for your next project. We look forward to hearing more about your project!