ghost mannequin photography

ghost mannequin photography

Ghost mannequin photography combines the clean look of flat lay clothing photos with the context and form of shooting clothing on a live model. Each piece is then carefully dressed on one of our ghost mannequins, then photographed and edited to remove all traces of the mannequin. When your product images are delivered, the clothing photos truly look as though they’re being worn by a invisible person.

Ghost mannequin photography is also faster and sometimes less costly than hiring a live model. The other advantage is that the ghost mannequin itself doesn’t belong to a specific age or ethnic group, therefore it’s instantly marketable to everyone.

These ‘ghost mannequin’ photos are perfect for displaying jackets, shirts, dresses, or even pants and full outfits.

View our ghost mannequin photography gallery below and place your order online, or contact us if you have questions or require a customized estimate.

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