Food photography

We specialize in food photography for eCommerce, catering services and restaurants. Great food photography sends strong buying signals for your packaged food products or restaurant. It greatly influences consumers’ purchasing or dining decisions and leads to increased sales. Our specialty is capturing delicious plated dishes with mouth-watering clarity and color.

Food photography for your eCommerce or Amazon listing is an important step when developing a new brand. Our studio works with each client directly to develop cohesive art direction for your project. We specialize in product photos on white that adhere to Amazon’s image requirements, as well as beautiful lifestyle sets with props and scenes. Our photographers are also experienced food stylists that make sure your products look as good as they taste.

Food photography on your website and menu board is the first experience your customers will have with your food. Before your food has been served, patrons have already passed judgment on flavor and texture. Professional food photography has been proven to increase appetite, anticipation and desire, therefore making food photography an excellent investment for your brand.

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