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This easy to use product photography order form also doubles as a contract and image usage license as well. As you select various options, the price may increase or decrease, depending on the option selected. For this reason, it is critical that the information you provide is accurate. All information on our website is sent secure, with TLS encryption.

This order form is for product photography on a pure white background only. If you’re in need of commercial lifestyle photography (styled photos, props, photography with models, environmental images, etc), please be aware that those are custom quoted and must be requested separately from standard product photos. Once you have ordered your product images on white, then please use the contact form here to request a customized estimate for your lifestyle images.

All products are shot in ‘as-is’ condition. We recommend inspecting your products by hand and sending multiple products whenever possible. If you require packaging shots, we highly recommend sending ‘flat’ versions of your packaging, as packaging is often damaged in shipping.

F-Sequence Studio is located in the downtown Arts District of Los Angeles and is available for product drop off/pick up by appointment only. COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to the current pandemic, we do not allow walk ins or studio tours. If you are dropping off your product after placing an order, we will gladly meet you outside of the studio. If you run into difficulty using the order form, please use the contact form here to reach out.

Thank you and we look forward to your product photo project!

Step 1: Project Information

Total number of standard product images on white:

(Do not include lifestyle, action, food, location or advertising photography.  Those services are custom quote. Please use whole numbers only, no number ranges)
Base price: $per image (before options)

Oversized images

Oversized images that are longer than 24' on any side may not fit on a standard product photography table and often require special considerations for lighting, positioning and background. Each oversized product photo adds an additional $20 per image to allow for added setup and shooting time. If your product is larger than 5 feet on any side, or heavier than 50 pounds, please first email us directly at [email protected] with a full description of your products and the number of images you'll need before going any further.

Group shots

Group shots require a bit more time to align, light and photograph than single items.  However, there is no additional charge for group shots containing 5 or less items. For group shots with more than 5 items, each grouped shot adds an additional $20 per image to allow for the added setup and shooting time.

Transparent clipping paths

Clipping paths are product images that are manually cut out from an image and placed on a transparent background.   Clipping paths allow for easy background replacement and are delivered in layered .TIFF format with clipping paths preserved (in addition to standard jpeg).   Please indicate which images will receive clipping paths in the creative direction section on the next page.

Product Description

Use this section to describe the type of products you'd like photographed.  Please select as many options as you feel are relevant.
$/ image

clipping paths
group shots

Total - $

Step 2: contract

Creative Direction - This cannot be left blank

Please use this next section to provide us with clear direction on how you'd like your images on white photographed.  The more we know about your products and the more detailed you are with your creative direction, the higher the chances are that you will be fully satisfied with the images you receive. All creative direction must be put in writing when placing your order.  Please note that your creative direction is a written part of this contract, therefore we cannot accept verbal creative direction and this field cannot be left blank.  When writing out your creative direction, please carefully consider every angle and consideration.   You may upload a .pdf of your shoot brief, or you may take images with your smartphone (5MB or less) showing the angles that you would like to have.  You may also use a third party photo as an example (e.g. from a competitor or similar product) of the exact (accounting for slight variances) angles you would like recreated. NOTE: After selecting your image(s), click the 'upload' button to attach them to your order. If you have any difficulty uploading images, please feel free to email them to us directly at [email protected] and we will match them up with your order. Please take the time to prepare clear and concise written and photographic creative direction.  If we do not have creative direction for your products, we cannot accept your order.   Please be aware that we cannot offer a reshoot if information is omitted (e.g. requesting an 'angled' shot without specifying which angle direction).
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    F-Sequence Studio product photography contract terms and conditions

    PRODUCT DELIVERY – Please do not ship your products to us until this contract has been signed. Clients may make an appointment to drop their products off at our studio, or may ship their products to our studio at F-Sequence Studio, 9153 Duarte Rd San Gabriel, CA 91775. Do not include an ‘attention’ line. Products must be shipped via a carrier with good tracking capabilities, such UPS, DHL or Fedex. Once your package has been shipped, please email us at [email protected] to provide us with the tracking number.

    PHOTO EDITING/COLOR SHIFTS - All product photography projects will be lightly edited to correct color balance, contrast and sharpening.  Advanced retouching (including, but not limited to: repairing damaged product/packaging, product flaws/damage incorrect/misprinted/crooked labeling, etc) is not included.  Please be aware that while your images are shot under a controlled environment, with professionally color calibrated equipment, there will be slight differences in perceptive color, due to variations in color temperature, manufacturing variances, etc.

    AGREEMENT - This agreement between F-Sequence Studio (hereafter “Photographer”) and the undersigned client, (hereafter “Client”) governs the assignment described in the accompanying cost estimate, and along with these Terms & Conditions, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties concerning that assignment.

    AMENDMENTS : Only those changes or modifications specifically placed in writing, attached, dated and signed by the photographer shall be recognized as amendments to this contract.

    SEVERABILITY : If any provision of this agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable under the law, the validity of this agreement as a whole shall not be affected, and the other provisions of the agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

    RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL : F-Sequence Studio's discovery of new information, changes to agreed circumstances, or other factors which tend to circumvent its policies may result in its withdrawal. Non-cooperation, changes in locations, facilities or available times; missed appointments and late/non payments are examples of contributing factors.

    PRICING - The fees quoted are for the original job description as presented by the Client. Any subsequent changes, whether made orally or in writing, may result in additional charges. The expenses are estimated in good faith. Actual expenses, which may be greater or less, will be invoiced.

    TURN AROUND TIME / STATUS CHECKING – Standard product photography projects are typically completed under 10 business days (m-f only), depending on workload. If 5-day rush service is required, there is an additional rush processing fee of $10 per image. Rush service is subject to availability. All projects are completed in the order that we receive the products. Please note that, unless rush delivery is ordered, we cannot provide you with a promised delivery date, as your completion is contingent on the completion of other projects. Placing undue pressure on photographer to complete your project by a certain date, or excessive status checking (more than one email or phone call in a 7-day period) is disruptive and may result in a contract cancellation, by photographers’ discretion.

    DEFINITIONS - “Publicity” use is when the Client submits photographs to an outside publication (whether print or electronic) for editorial use and the Client (or their client) is not paying for that use. “Advertising” use is when the Client (or their client) is paying for the placement of a photograph in whatever media it appears, such as in a newspaper, magazine, billboard, or website. “Collateral” use is when the photographs appear in a publication that the Client produces, such as a magazine, annual report, brochure, pamphlet, poster or web site, and whose audience is employees, customers, shareholders, or the general public. “Photograph/s” are images created as a part of the project as agreed to by Photographer and Client.

    PAYMENT – Product photography is prepaid. Payment may be made via major credit card (VISA, MC, AMEX, DISC). No alternative payment methods (wire transfer, Paypal, money order, etc) are accepted.

    COPYRIGHT – All of the Photographs created by the Photographer (both moving and still) and their copyright are the sole and exclusive property of the Photographer. Grant of any reproduction rights to the Client is conditioned upon receipt of payment in full. All rights not expressly granted shall be reserved by the Photographer. Modification of Photograph(s) and/or incorporation of Photograph(s) in any layout or concept shall not constitute a Joint Work.

    LICENSING – Once final payment is received, client will receive an exclusive web and print usage license to use for commercial or editorial use, without royalty payments. Image licenses may not be transferred or resold to a third party without the express written permission of F-Sequence Studio.

    ADDITIONAL USAGE LICENSE - If Client wishes to make any additional uses of the photographs not covered in the initial agreement, Client shall obtain permission from the Photographer and pay an additional fee to be agreed upon.

    INDEMNIFICATION - Client hereby indemnifies and holds the Photographer harmless against any and all liabilities, claims, and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising from Client's use of Photographer's work. The Photographer similarly indemnifies and holds Client harmless against any and all liabilities, claims, and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising from Photographer’s negligence.

    CREATIVE DIRECTION - The Client is responsible for providing good creative direction for angles and shots. If client requires a specific list of shots, angles, styling, editing or creative concepts, this must be provided with as much detail as possible in advance. If specific creative direction is not provided, client agrees to accept photographer’s best judgment for angles, backgrounds and prop usage.

    CANCELLATION - In the event that THE CLIENT cancels the contracted services for photography outlined in this contract for any reason, any payments made will be forfeit.

    DELIVERY METHOD - Unless otherwise indicated, all photos are delivered electronically in high resolution (3000 x 3000 pixel), 300dpi .JPG format, cropped 1:1 ratio. Upon final image upload, client will be provided with an online image gallery and a link to download all of their finished photos in high resolution. This link will remain live for two weeks after creation. RAW files are not provided under any circumstance.

    PRODUCT RETURNS – Clients must arrange for pickup of all products and client supplied props at our studio within 7 days, or if return shipping is required, client must include a prepaid printed shipping label along with their product(s), or emailed to [email protected]. Because of limited storage space at our studio, all products and client supplied props in our custody more than seven days after final image upload will be discarded.


    - It is critical that your products be shipped in excellent condition, as all products are shot as-is, flaws included.  The client is solely responsible for the condition of all pieces. To ensure each photo is an accurate representation of your product, we recommend that clients examine each product by hand for flaws.

    -  Products are photographed as-is and we strongly recommend sending more than one product, in case one has a slight defect or is damaged in shipping. Additional editing to correct manufacturer errors and condition issues, including, but not limited to, excessive dirt, dents, scratches, loose strings, wrinkles or tears, is not included

    - All apparel or fabric products should arrive in photo ready condition, with all tags and packaging removed and neatly steamed or pressed. All clothing should be delivered unfolded and whenever possible, on a hanger, in a garment bag or wardrobe box. 

    - Jewelry must be cleaned and/or polished before shipping. Do not ship your jewelry in velvet lined cases, as velvet ‘sheds’ onto your pieces. Excessive retouching to remove scratches, oxidization, damage, etc are billed at a separate rate. Jewelry that arrives in poor condition will not be photographed.

    - Product packaging is photographed as-is and is often damaged in shipping, arriving at our studio with large dents or tears.  We strongly recommend sending ‘flat’ versions of your packaging (packaging by itself with no product inside) to facilitate crease-free photography.  

    Step 3: Payment

    Credit Card Authorization and Signature

    I agree to the terms of this contract and hereby authorize F-Sequence Studio to charge the above credit card to retain product photography services.

    I certify that I am the authorized card holder of record and that I have full authority to make purchases on behalf of the account listed above

    * Required