Watch and jewelry photography

Watch and Jewelry photography is one of the most challenging and rewarding genres of product photography. For example, many jewelry products have reflective surfaces that must be properly lit, or gemstones that need to sparkle. Other pieces such as rings and some necklaces require multi-image compositing, a technique known as ‘focus stacking’ to ensure contiguous focus from front to back.

Additionally, time pieces such as watches require additional consideration to ensure that the glass faces do not reflect the photographer’s lighting.

Watches and Jewelry may be photographed on a white background to adhere to Amazon, Shopify and eCommerce standards. However, many clients have seen great success having their watches and jewelry photography shot on models either in studio or on location. Lifestyle jewelry photography is a great way of showing your products in a real world location and often has a dramatic increase on sales!

Watch and jewelry photography on white may be ordered online, directly from our product photography order page, however if you’re in need of live mdoels or a styled location for your shoot, use the link below to request a custom estimate.

Your products are photographed in our secure and insured photography studio and may either be dropped off, or hand delivered.